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Led by industry veteran Evelyne Sansaricq Oreskovich, and after decades of success in hospitality and travel, we understand that the industry is moving and constantly changing.  We offer education programs, distribution and channel management expertise, engagement-driven and effective consulting that enables you to benefit from our experience and expertise and ensures enormous value for your organization as the industry continues to evolve.

Dedicated to serving hospitality and travel industry sectors, see how our range of services can help grow your business – from training, team development, technology consulting, RFP design, project management, distribution and channel management, and more…


Having experience in all facets of the hotel and corporate operations, we effectively bridge the gaps between Management, Operations, Technology and Marketing.

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HeR designs and delivers highly targeted education programs focused on the ever-evolving educational needs of the hospitality industry.

We deliver customized programs onsite at your location, conference or workshop event on preeminent topics affecting the hospitality industry. As a convenient option, we can provide Train-the-Trainer sessions for your skilled in-house trainers to present courses to your team.


Clients often call on us for our highly specialized knowledge in Hospitality and Travel for expert counsel in offering their company the unique edge our insight and experience delivers.  We offer cost-efficient consulting services and resources to help clients meet their business goals including:

  • Account Relationship Management

  • Project Planning and Management

  • Operations Support

  • Strategic Planning

RFP - System Selection and Implementation

Selection of the right technology systems, vendors, or representation company are key decisions that can significantly impact your future business.  HeR’s expertise in the development and management of RFPs and RFIs helps you make the best choices for your business through these important decision-making processes.

Project Management

You already selected your new system. but now you need to make sure it gets implemented on time and on budget.
Project management services enables you to continue your operation while we make sure everything is completed, all systems are integrated and tested to ensure a smooth project implementation.

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