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Our company’s evolution is showcased in our name.

For us, the “e” is the foundation of our signature, always evolving approach that provides your business an advantageous edge via our education programs, electronic distribution services, engagement-driven technology and marketing, and effective consulting that enables you to benefit from our experience and expertise and ensures enormous value for your organization as the industry continues evolving. It represents our commitment to providing you with the insight and solutions to meet your business goals.

​Established by hospitality industry veteran Evelyne Sansaricq Oreskovich, HeR offers a comprehensive array of services and solutions as well as focused industry expertise to help hotels, resorts, lodging chains, travel and hospitality companies and technology providers increase performance, profit, and return on investment.


Our dedicated knowledge in diverse areas of hospitality and travel provides you with “solutions that pack results” — making us your ideal choice in a hospitality and travel consulting firm that effectively bridges the gap between Management, Operations, Technology and Marketing to motivate teams, improve productivity, lower your costs, and increase revenue.

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