Business Meeting


Expert Guidance

Clients often call on us for our highly specialized knowledge in Hospitality and Travel for expert counsel in offering their company the unique edge our insight and experience delivers.  To address this varied range of client requests, we offer cost-efficient consulting services and resources to help clients meet their business goals.

Account Relationship Management

Building quality account management strategies is essential to making your hospitality business development a success.  HeR’s Account Relationship Management professionals work with you to make the most of your client base.  Our proven methods and experienced Account Relationship Managers help you establish strong relationships with your customers, understand your clients’ needs, and nurture these vital relationships for increased profitability.  We help you show the value of your business, manage your clients’ expectations, and create a positive environment of interaction and collaboration with your customers.

Project Planning and Management

No matter how big or small the project, our extensive network of hospitality and travel industry professionals is available to provide you with a complete spectrum of solutions and resources.  Whether you need us to plan, coordinate, oversee, and execute a project from beginning to end; offer support to fulfill a role on a temporary basis; or extra hands to bring a project to fruition, HeR will help get your project completed on time and on budget.

We have expertise in Planning and Implementations for travel industry partners, suppliers and lodging properties; experienced team members that can serve as your interim Director of Sales & Marketing during transition periods or staff changes; hospitality pros that can assist in the operational transition to a new PMS, CRS, Website, IBE, CRM, GDS or Channel Management strategy; skilled strategic planners to evaluate and establish the plan for your project and much more!


In these trying times, everyone needs to do more with less. This means streamlining operational procedures to make more efficient use of time and staffing. HeR can help by providing:

  • Detailed analysis of current operation processes

  • Comprehensive report covering specific areas that could perform better with restructured procedures

  • Recommendations for streamlining standard operating procedures (SOP)

  • Training of staff and implementation of program

  • Written SOP document for use in training and monitoring of processes on an ongoing basis

Strategic Planning

We help focus and organize your efforts, giving you a solid roadmap for attaining the results you seek for your business.  Here’s a glance at the types of planning services we provide:

  • Product development and road-mapping for new ideas, programs and technologies

  • Implementations planning for deploying PMS, RMS, CRS, CRM and other technologies

  • Marketing operations planning to ensure strategic execution of a marketing plan

  • Planning and coordination of designing, building, launching a new application

Our team is ready to work with you to establish the short and long-term goals appropriate for your business and create the ideal plan to meet those objectives.