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Managing Change… What’s your style?

With the New Year well upon us, many of us are beginning the execution of major plans.  These may entail new ways of conducting your business, new offerings to clients, expansion of your business to new markets or just plain growth.

Preparing for this growth or change can be a daunting task.  And, frankly some of us are great planners, great executors or (sometimes happily) both.  But others of us like to “wing it”!  No planning, just go for it and figure it out as you go along.

2013 was an interesting year for Hospitality Evolution Resources.  We did quite a bit of strategic planning for a number of clients seeking to grow into new markets, explore the viability of new products & services and writing procedure manuals to document and help train teams of new employees due to faster than anticipated growth.

All this bodes well for our industry as we have seen some incredible new entrants and offerings which remind me of the dynamism we enjoyed in the hotel space the ‘90’s.  It also gave us a bird’s eye view of different styles of managing this growth and change.

As a result of our experiences this past year, and we continue to work with our loyal clients on their goals for 2014, we will be taking a closer look at how people manage change, both the expected or unexpected variety.

We hope you join our discussion and share what works for you and what to look out for.

Tell us… How do you plan for change?


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