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Millennials and the Traveler’s Journey Cycle

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that millennials are changing the travel landscape.  Numerous research has been taking place to, effectively, confirm what we’ve been seeing first hand in our daily lives.

As recent Adara research showed that millennials are more likely to”

  1. Use digital resources to plan and book travel, including review sites and social media

  2. Use OTAs to book air and hotels

  3. Most (84%) prioritize price over brand – indeed, most think loyalty programs aren’t worth it.

Some of these are fairly obvious to those who watch this space.  Of course, their reliance on digital resources is important, but the difference between this group and the 2 earlier generations (boomers and GenX) is glaring when looking at specific activities in the traveler journey cycle.

For example: During the dreaming stage, Millennials are more likely to depend on images, videos and information posted on social media by friends & followers.

The planning stage finds them scouring the web for info, checking expert opinions, including travel agents, along with user generated content such as review sites and both amateur and professional travel blogs.  They want to control everything – not only their lives, but their experiences as well.

(Click here to read Expedia’s Millennial Traveler Report)

The booking stage requires convenience and control.  If you’re not easily bookable online – forget it. If your site, functions, activities and communication are not usable or achievable on their smartphone …

The experience and sharing stages are practically merged for this generation and can make or break your future success.  These travelers share every moment online (note the comment about smartphones above).

Your strategy on social media is critical and should be used to your advantage for service delivery as well as checking, incentives and other marketing as well as encouraging social sharing activities.  It is essential that you have millennials as key members of your operations and marketing teams to engage actively in these areas.

If you’re struggling to develop your millennial engagement strategy, HeR Consulting can help.

In future articles, we will explore making the most of your millennial team members.

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