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Preparing Next Gen Hoteliers

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

We’ve discussed the next generation of employees before.  Mostly we discuss mentoring and teaching them “old fashioned” skills like ethics, professionalism, loyalty.

But the fact is that these young employees will be the future of our businesses and are in some cases already dealing with a different world than we have.  Yes, they still need those “old fashioned” skills, but they also need some new ones to keep up with social and technological trends as well as next gen guests expectations.  To that end, there are 2 things that we need to look at when it comes to preparing them.

One challenge is training them on these new skills.  Our hospitality schools do a great job of training the next generation of hoteliers in hotel operations, marketing and other things.  But how about the latest technology, social marketing and all these new elements that are so important today but weren’t even part of our vocabulary a generation ago.  Knowing what’s coming and preparing them for it is like trying to read a crystal ball.  Many traditional hoteliers have no training for, and in some cases avoid, new technologies.  This is not new.

I remember working for a luxury chain in the 1990’s when everyone was implementing voicemail for the first time.  One of our GM’s refused to install it in our 800-room NYC landmark because he knew best what the guest wanted – personal service – and voicemail was not that.  Of course that was until we started getting complaints about messages taken incorrectly from the hotel operators and guests asking why we didn’t have it.  Today, of course, a hotel without voicemail would be unthinkable.

The point of this story is that while hospitality schools train our future hoteliers to anticipate the needs of our guests, some things which will be standard and expected in the coming years are just unimaginable today.

Another challenge is that once we do train them on these new skills, and prepare them to anticipate what we can’t yet imagine, how do we manage them?  How do you manage an employee whose job we often don’t understand, but are critical to the success of your operation?

So we’re taking a poll… Tell us in 5 words or less(or more if you want to elaborate!):

What attributes & capabilities should hotels and hotel companies seek in Next Gen employees to ‘futureproof’ the business, in the coming years?

Please join this interesting discussion!

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