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RFP Design and Execution


Selection of the right technology systems, vendors, or representation company are key decisions that can significantly impact your future business.  HeR’s expertise in the development and management of travel and hospitality Request for Proposals (RFP) or Request for Information (RFI) helps you make the best choices for your business through these important decision-making processes. 

Selection of:

  • Reservations/Sales/Brand Representation / Soft Brand

  • CRS / PMS / CRM

  • Revenue or Channel Management

We manage any or all stages of the RFP or RFI Process:

  • Conducting a detailed needs analysis

  • Preparing a comprehensive RFP or RFI

  • Identifying eligible vendors based on needs

  • Consolidating and analyzing responses from vendors

  • Assisting in selection of vendor

  • Contract review and/or negotiating with selected vendor

  • Creating an implementation plan tailored to your business

  • Execute - project management of the plan working as member of your team

You may need us to plan, coordinate, oversee, and execute the entire RFP or RFI process and implementation for your new system from beginning to end; to offer support in bringing a project to fruition; or to implement a plan that your own team has created. We can do it all, or just those elements where you do not have the internal expertise. 

HeR will get your project completed on time and on budget.