The Team

Maintaining a focused, core team combined with a network of industry professionals that work with us on specialized projects allows us to remain nimble and cost-efficient, serving our clients in the ever-evolving Hospitality and Travel landscape with the tailored experience to reach your goals on time and on budget.

Our dedicated knowledge in diverse areas of hospitality and travel effectively bridges the gap between Management, Operations, Technology and Marketing to motivate teams, improve productivity, lower your costs, and increase revenue.

A rich community of hospitality, technology and travel consultants is tapped for each project, depending on needs. Led by Evelyne Oreskovich, each team member is specifically selected based on their skills and knowledge.

Evelyne Sansaricq Oreskovich

Founder, President and CEO

Evelyne’s ability to analyze an operation, identify needs, and implement solutions designed to yield increased profits and improved productivity is a priceless asset for HeR clients. Her diverse experience and understanding of North American, European, and Asian markets and cultures is an essential tool in effectively bridging the gaps between management, operations, technology, and sales & marketing for HeR clients globally.