Training Services

Distribution Training

HeR’s electronic distribution courses have been used by HEDNA U and other industry organizations.

We cover vital, ever-evolving areas that every hotel owner, GM, sales manager, reservation manager, and revenue or channel manager need to know including:

  • connectivity and transactions

  • content distribution

  • revenue and channel management basics

  • evaluating emerging distribution channels. 

Any and all of these are available “off the shelf” or can be can be customized and white labeled to reflect your specific way of doing business or the language your learner speaks.

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Custom Curriculum Development

Need something very specific - not off the shelf?

Have us create a customized training or team development program tailored to the continuing education requirements of your company or lodging property.

We'll work with you to develop a unique, custom program in the format and timing that suits you perfectly including eLearning storyboarding, in-person presentation (PPT), training materials, trainer notes.

We are available to conduct training sessions at your location or develop a presentation or workshop for a conference setting with focus on the topics ideally suited for your hospitality or travel business.

SOP Documentation
and Training Manuals

The post-Covid environment has required a lot of changes to how we work. Systems and procedures change and staff turnover requires a refresh of policies and procedures. This compounds the challenge to make sure everyone is familiar with the new requirements, standards and systems. 

Let HeR help you develop the documentation of what needs to be done, by whom and how. 

Custom training programs to accompany these SOP documents can include hands-on seminars or eLearning modules with interactive “see & do” techniques.

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